Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who Am I?

So now I come to address the question that forms the title of this post.

I need to come up with a profile of myself to submit to iReadiWrite publishing along with my manuscript and I have been wracking my brain asking myself that very question. I never thought how hard it would be to write a short profile of myself but I have sat at my computer many times in the past couple of weeks trying to focus on this one task. And I end up deleting whatever dribble I end up coming up with.

I am mid 30's, a Registered Nurse by profession, working mainly in Pediatric ICU and ER. I love sailing, reading, writing (duh!!), bad music, the internet, good music and collecting Star Wars figurines (geek alert!!!!). I am also a father, a husband (almost) and at times my life resembles Ray Romano's. So shouldn't that be easy enough to put into a short bio about myself.


I end up writing something pithy (read: pissy!) and I end up hitting the backspace button...and then I swear...a lot!! I just sent the past eight months writing 81000 words about several other people, so how come I can't come up with just a few words about myself??

What do I do? How do I crack this particular nut?

Who Am I?



  1. my brother has all the star wars figures from the 70s - the whole collections.

  2. Don't tell me things like that Shelli! ;) It's just makes my drooling problem all that much worse!

  3. You're definitely putting a lot more thought into your bio than I did! I never know what to say.