Friday, January 29, 2010

Songs That Inspired the "Dream"

During the Christmas break, I spent a week on Kangaroo Island at the bottom of South Australia. And during that time, I was able to put the finishing touches on the manuscript and ensure that it was ready for submission to iReadiWrite Publishing. I spent a few quiet days at the house we were staying at on my own while the girls and my son were out at the beach and I would relish having open slather over the stereo system.

Invariably I had an unconscious play list of songs I like to listen to whilst writing and editing. They helped to put me in that frame of mind that would get the best out of me. One song - well one band actually - assisted me more than any other to get into the headspace. British group Zero 7 have long been a favorite of mine. I discovered them a few years ago when I saw that fantastic Zack Braff directed indie "Garden State". Since then, they've had me hooked and not the least because a fellow South Australian, Sia Furler, appears regularly in their line up.

As I was retooling the final scenes of "The Hambledown Dream" the song "Home" happened to time itself on the random play on my smartphone. The effect was instant. Home became the song in which I said goodbye to the characters and situations I had created in my story. And it's influence lingered long after.

Imagine it then as say the closing theme to "The Hambledown Dream" and enjoy this video.


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