Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 25th Hour

I've found it really hard to sleep these past few days. And that's a bad thing because I work nights at the hospital so sleep is a premium I can't do without - nor should I. My mind is working at a million miles an hour - or so it seems and I have been in this surreal place ever since last week, since I got the news about the book and the publishing deal. I was like this when my daughter, Lucy was born back in November '09 and my partner and I were abuzz with the blessing of this new little soul - this life that had been gifted to us.

Anyway...Michelle Halket and I have been in almost constant email contact, readying "The Hambledown Dream" for release on the iReadiWrite Store. I cannot fault her care and attention. Michelle has communicated even the most minor things to me so I can consider them in turn. She is readily available and nothing is too much trouble. Last weekend, Michelle did a review of the manuscript and found some minor grammatical errors (yes - still some errors after all the work I've done!!) and I have since found some more (ARRRGGGGHHH!!!). They are not at all major ones - but part of the success of this novel has to be fostered in the knowledge that it is 100% percent tight, flawless grammatically - otherwise critics will drive a truck through it. I have to temper my excitement with the technical focus of getting this thing perfect. I sent the revisions back to Michelle tonight (Australian time) so that she can review and fix them up.

I have developed some interesting trivialities in the past week. At 3:30AM Adelaide time, it hits 9:00AM in Vancouver - where iReadiWrite is located. I know this implicitly now so I kinda work on Vancouver time during the week. Which works fine since, through the week I am working nights so my body clock is all screwy anyway. It's a passing thought...just indulge me okay?

The Hambledown Dream is now officially listed on the iReadiWrite Store as "Coming Soon" (January 2010). I can't quite get my head around the fact that this...all really happening.

Will talk soon,


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