Friday, October 7, 2022

The Night Fisher Elegies by Dean Mayes.

September 1st 2022.

I am pleased to announce that my brand new book "The Night Fisher Elegies" is now available across the world and direct from the author.

The Night Fisher Elegies by Dean Mayes.

Taking the reader on a journey through love, faith, death, grief, family and dreams, “The Night Fisher Elegies” weaves together powerful explorations of humanism, moments of reflection tinged with melancholy and short verses, which inhabit the sometimes brutal landscape of self examination.

Dean wanders through a palace of memories contained within nostalgic love, experimenting with style, tone and character. He poses questions for the reader to ponder and wrestle with and offers pieces designed to evoke and provoke, while others are simply present as meditations to inspire and affirm.

Drawing inspiration from literary heroes such as Jim Harrison, Rainer Maria Rilke, Albert Camus, Charles Bukowski & Seamus Heaney this collection brings together pieces from over 10 years of writing and creating. “The Night Fisher Elegies” showcases Dean Mayes’ literary style across short fiction, ghazal poetry, short form essays and personal reflections.

Australian customers - I am able to offer a small number of individually signed editions through my dedicated portal. Price includes shipping and handling and will be shipped direct to you throughout September.

Australian Customers - Order Direct from Dean Mayes.

Amazon Australia.

Amazon United States.

Amazon Canada.

Amazon United Kingdom.

Working with Amazon directly on this project has been a positive experience. They've enabled me to deliver something that I'm really proud of.

The Night Fisher Elegies is a different project for me yet, for those of you who are familiar with my previous work, I think you will recognize my voice in these pages. I hope these stories will inspire you.


Sunday, February 2, 2020

Announcement - New Blog At Wordpress.

This is just a short one to let you know that for the past couple of months, I have been blogging more regularly at a new WordPress site that I've set up. 

The reasons for this come down to visibility. While I have enjoyed a reasonable level of exposure over the past ten years here - using the blogging and site tools provided by Google - I haven't enjoyed the level of engagement with visitors as I'd hoped. 

Having dipped my toe in the water with WordPress, I'm finding a much greater level of engagement with visitors both reading, liking and commenting on my content with a great degree of frequency than I have enjoyed here. 

This does not mean that Dean from Australia is going away. I will continue to maintain this site as the primary home for my career as an author. For news, updates and reflections on what I am doing as a writer however, I would invite you to visit my portal at Dean Mayes Author. You can sign up for updates (and, to be clear, I'm no spammer!) and you can receive exclusive news on my forthcoming projects before anyone else. 

For those of you who have interacted with me by way of this website over the past ten years, I'd like to sincerely thank you for doing so.


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Announcement - Dean Mayes To Donate All Royalties To Bush Fire Relief.

Many of you will have seen the devastating images and footage and news reports coming out of Australia over the past few weeks. I've been resharing a lot of those images on my Instagram feed (see left sidebar). 

We are in the grip of unprecedented bush fires, which have been described as the worst in Australia's recorded history. Millions of hectares of Australian bush have been razed, thousands of native animal species have lost their lives and the human death toll is rising day by day. People have been displaced, lost homes and businesses and, as I write this, Australia remains in a catastrophic situation. 

I have been trying to do what I can and I know that whatever I do, it will never be enough. However, today, I am making the following pledge;

All four of my titles, print or digital. Every single dollar I receive in royalties from each sale will go to the Australian Red Cross. For readers, especially those with an e-reader, each sale represents less than a price of a cup of coffee. That's all it will take for you. 

So, visit my books page here and follow the links for each title to your favourite book store. Visit your local bricks and mortar store and ask for my books by name. They will order them for you. 

Please help.