Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Song That Inspired "The Dream"

"Walking On A Dream" is the unofficial theme song to "The Hambledown Dream" which is OUT NOW at iReadiWrite Publishing, Omnilit Books, and Amazon's Kindle Store.

Written and performed by Australian group Empire of the Sun, "Walking On A Dream" helped inspire me during the latter stages of writing and I have quoted the opening lyrics at the beginning of the story (crediting their authors appropriately). It is these lyrics in particular that say something to me about the journey of the central characters in "The Hambledown Dream", Denny Banister and Andy DeVries, two young men who are both both searching for redemption in very different ways.

You can watch the official music video of Empire of the Sun's "Walking On A Dream"

Empire of the Sun's critically acclaimed debut album can be purchased from all great music stores including the band's own here. It's a brilliant album, quite unlike anything I've heard before. I can best describe it is sumptuous - but it's much much more than that. I encourage you to give it a listen.


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