Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Official Sneak Peak - Cover Art

The Official Cover Art for Dean's forth coming novel "The Hambledown Dream".

Well, here it is - the official cover art for my upcoming novel. Photography by Melissa Alexander and design by Michelle Halket. The interesting thing about this image is that we almost didn't get it. By about 7AM we were walking off the beach, thinking we had gotten enough shots. Then the sun peeked up over the houses that line Henley Beach's fore shore and Mel squeaked "Dean, quick! Get me the posy again!!" I literally fished it out of the small cooler (Esky) I had and tossed down onto the sand where it came to rest exactly as you see it here.

I am so happy with this cover.

As I was tweeting on these developments overnight I got a message which totally blew my mind, which I have to share. Kyle Newman, director of the 2009 feature film "Fanboys" sent me a message of congratulations via my twitter feed and indicated that he "can't wait to read it". I spent much of 2009 (when I wasn't writing and living and breathing) killing myself with anticipation for "Fanboys" and only got the DVD version of the film in late November...pretty much after the entire world had seen it - EXCEPT ME.

I had the opportunity to chat directly with Kyle about the film and about the inspirations that brought about "Fanboys" on an episode of The ForceCast last year and for me, it was a real treat.

My mind blows every day lately...


Kyle Newman - Director of 2009's "Fanboys" (with friend).


  1. Thanks so much Melissa! I hope the beauty translates throughout the entire book.

  2. That is all awesome. Congratulations again. The cover pic looks great. Fanboys was awesome.