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  1. Dear Dean Mayes, thank you for your reply, looking forward to reading your books, we share the love for the the same little town Walhalla, that sits in valley, in Victoria Australia, I lived there as a little girl, as do my friends who i still keep in contact, one off whom, lived a lot of her younger days her family go back , it must be three generations. My friends father, as a child lived in the little stone cottage, that you would have seen, as you take a walk past Windsor house, on the left hand side, her father lived in there for a while with something like a family of 10, and no floors, just dirt. this is one of the story's she told me. this little town in the valley we call home, were our fondest memories come from. We are so looking forward to reading you Noval The Artisan Heart. Thank you Val

    1. Hello Val - Yes! I know the stone cottage up by Windsor House really well.

      My association with Walhalla dates back to my earliest memories in the late 70's, although my family's association pre-dates that. My grandfather had a contract with the Railways Department to remove several thousand of the sleepers from the line. He was friendly with the Hartrick family. When I first began Nursing, I had the pleasure of caring for May Rumph, the former matron of the Walhalla Hospital. She was such a lovely woman.

      We've have a little bit of work left to do on the novel before its September release, but we're really pleased with how it's shaping up. I hope this love letter to Walhalla will be as warmly received as possible.

      Best Wishes Val.