Monday, July 27, 2015

The Happiness Method - A Look At How To Be Happy by Iain S. Thomas

From the desk of my publisher, Central Avenue Publishing, comes the new release of "How To Be Happy - Not A Self Help Book, Seriously" by internationally acclaimed poet and writer Iain S. Thomas. 

Thomas, whose critcally acclaimed "I Wrote This For You" has wowed readers the world over, has produced a collection of musings and thoughts that are profound, life affirming and - potentially - happiness inducing.

(image credit: Central Avenue Publishing.)

Central Avenue Publishing is proud to publish another book by the widely acclaimed poet Iain S. Thomas. As many have noted on various social media platforms, there have been some issues that have led to the delayed release of this book. For this, we apologise and hopefully the content of the book will clarify the circumstances surrounding this delay. We feel we should also point out that this is not technically a self-help book, but it does contain some poignant prose, poetry and stories which may or may not lead you to happiness. 

Mostly, it is the rather unfortunate chronicle of a man's attempt to write the book he's promised his publisher, no matter the cost to his sanity.

How To Be Happy is available now in print and digital formats.

Visit Iain S. Thomas here.

Purchase How To Be Happy here.


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