Monday, July 27, 2015

The Wars That Saves Lives - A Look At My Saga.

By now, I'm sure most of you would be aware that it is shaping up to be huge year for Star Wars fandom. We've just seen the conclusion to season 1 of the animated series Star Wars: Rebels and we're about to embark on season 2 in the American fall. We've seen the hugely successful 4 day convention extravaganza Star Wars Celebration in California and a big Star Wars presence at the recent San Diego Comic Con. And, unless you've been living under a rock, you will know that come December, Star Wars will return to the big screen in the highly anticipated first entry in the sequel trilogy The Force Awakens. For a franchise that was considered to be done and dusted just 10 years ago after the final film in the prequel series, it is quite a momentous change in fortunes for George Lucas' genre defining franchise. 

Now, those of you who know me really well, know that I'm a massive Star Wars fan and, for me, it feels like there has been no better time to be a Star Wars fan. In the past year alone, I've been able connect with a number of like fans around the world and I've loved being able to rap over something that is so mutually loved. Central among these new connections, has been an Australian documentary film maker named Adam Harris.

(image credit: My Saga.)

Adam came onto my radar last year when he launched a Kickstarter campaign titled "My Saga" in which he sought backing for a documentary film project. The project description immediately caught my eye.

"My Saga - A Star Wars Documentary is a story that will show for one person that Star Wars not only changed their saved it."

(image credit: My Saga.)

The initial campaign was wildly successful and the production has since gone from strength to strength as Adam as his small team of film makers work tirelessly to bring the documentary to fruition. 

And indeed we will see it with the announcement, earlier this year, that Adam Harris' film will be released internationally in 2016.

"My Saga follows the journey of Adam Harris, a husband, father and Star Wars fan. Four years ago, the discovery of a brain tumour and a serious health scare caused Adam to re-evaluate his priorities and follow his dreams.

Star Wars has always been a constant source of joy, comfort and even safety in Adam’s life. When it became apparent his children shared the same deep love and affection for Star Wars, Adam felt compelled to discover just what it is about Star Wars that creates such devoted fans that span across multiple generations, all around the world.

With his son Jack by his side, Adam has spoken with fans, enthusiasts, die-hards as well as cast and crew members from the films. All the while discovering what Star Wars means to him, and the impact it’s had on making him the husband and father he is today.

Every fan has their own saga. This is one."

The first teaser trailer for the film took the internet by storm when it was released onto YouTube and Adam has increasingly captured the attention of media outlets both here in Australia and overseas. Adam was featured in a number of interviews by official media covering the recent Star Wars: Celebration in California and he has received support from major Star Wars identities.

(image credit: Adam Harris.)

In the whirlwind procession of Star Wars and Star Wars related media that will be coming our way over the next 12 months, My Saga promises to be a lovingly constructed journey of one man's Star Wars fandom and will be on my own personal list of must see films in 2016. 

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