Monday, July 13, 2015

Knuckle Dragger by Scott Taylor.

There are facets of life that have to be seen to be believed. In the absence of personal experience, there are those who can document and retell them with hilarity, fearlessness and, at times, great affection. 

Knuckle Dragger - by Aberdonian author and podcaster Scott Taylor is a project that he has slaved over for more years than he would care to admit. Having watched the project grow, stall and start again through periods of distraction and self doubt, I can empathize with just how challenging it has been for Taylor to bring Knuckle Dragger to fruition. That it is now in the public realm is certainly a significant achievement for him - if only for the fact that so many people were pushing him to get it out there. 

What would you do if you caught your man-sausage in your zipper at work, then had to race to the hospital where a sleep deprived, homeless looking doctor tried putting it back together with what looks like fishing trawler rope? Or what about having someone try to ram a full twelve inch, burning hot pizza up your nose while you’re driving a car at speed? 

Maybe you too have suffered an unsolicited winky appearing into your toilet stall while you go ‘boom boom’, and then had to batter it away with the nearest heavy blunt instrument you could find. Or perhaps you've watched a bored Highlander tear apart a designer sofa with a chainsaw in the middle of an executive charity ball evening? 

If not, then this collection of tales from over 23 years of working as a club and bar bouncer could tickle your proverbial fancy. Join Scott Taylor as he shines a light on the funnier side of the late night industry and his life around it, and brings you a collection of stories that are sure to either bring a smile to your miserable face, or at the very least bring back up your cheap supermarket lunch all over your stupid designer skinny fit t-shirt.

Of course, the book itself is a significant achievement on its own terms. In Knuckle Dragger, Scott Taylor distills 20 odd years of a life spent 'on the doors' in Scotland's urban jungle into a bitingly funny and sharply observant account that will have your jaw on the floor, your sphincters tensing uncomfortably and your accessory muscles rupturing - and quite possibly bleeding. I had the rare privilege of reading several early drafts of Taylor's work and there was comedic brilliance in it from the get go. He has stuck to his guns and refined the narrative into something special. It is at once, slick and polished but it is an inviting read - if you are one for whom little shocks you. There's a warmth and affection in the way Taylor portrays certain characters, while others for whom he has less affection for, he lavishes with an even greater spread of comedic take down. 

Scott Taylor & "friend".

Taylor's approach in recounting these grand, salubrious and often shocking tales is full of enthusiasm and wit but it is his tome that elevates Knuckle Dragger above the level of the front bar stories told over generous pints. Imagine, if you will, the love child of Noel Coward and Randall "Tex" Cobb combined with the verbose tones of a Frank Thring. Knuckle Dragger has a particular kind of poetry in it's observations of the night time world. 

Scott Taylor is the host of the globally popular DHB Radio Show and a 20 year veteran in the security industry. 

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