Monday, April 15, 2013

The Regenesis Cluster - Releases Worldwide April 19th 2013.

The Regenesis Cluster - the luminous science fiction short story by Australian author Dean Mayes officially launches this coming Friday, April 19th 2013.

This is Deans' first published foray into the genre and marks his first release in short form story telling. He has described the process as an exciting one in taking a small concept and expanding it into a highly original and visual piece of story telling.

On a still, moonlit night under the stars of the southern sky, something is about to happen beneath the ocean depths. A life that was cruelly snatched away will be suddenly returned by a phenomenon known only as The Regenesis Cluster. 

The Regenesis Cluster explores the nature of death and life and provides a visually stunning depiction of reincarnation.


Conceived and created at Banister's Mind Studios in Adelaide, Australia - the official international release trailer provides a stunning visual glimpse into the world of intensity and brevity that Dean Mayes has created for his current release.

It will be available this coming Friday - April 19th, 2013 from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble and Dean from Australia.


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