Monday, April 8, 2013

Coming Soon - The Regensis Cluster by Dean Mayes.

Central Avenue Publishing in association with Hambledown Road Imprints is pleased to present the official teaser trailer for an exciting new project by Australian author Dean Mayes (The Hambledown Dream/Gifts of the Peramangk). 

The Regenesis Cluster is an exciting, new short story by Dean that explores the nature of death and life provides a visually stunning depiction of reincarnation.

On a still, moonlit night under the stars of the southern sky, something is about to happen beneath the ocean depths. A life that was cruelly snatched away will be suddenly returned by a phenomenon known only as the Regenesis Cluster. 

This imaginative science fiction short story is Dean Mayes' first foray into the genre and will be available for Kindle, iPad, Nook and e-readers this April 2013.

Check out the official trailer now. 


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