Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Praise For The Hambledown Dream.

I am really pleased by the reviews that are being posted for The Hambledown Dream over at Amazon Books including this from John Rasor, author of "Roadkill" (ireadiwrite Publishing) which he posted there in the past 24 hours.

"The Hambledown Dream is a sexy and wonderful love story with paranormal overtones that are just right. It's the story of two men from different worlds - one dying, the other, dead already - as they come together with a common passion for classical guitar, to save each other's souls and find that love of a lifetime, even death cannot deny.

Dean Mayes has woven an intricate and emotional tale of lives drawn together by fate in his beautiful story and carries it through to the end in a fabulous crescendo that will leave you breathless. To call it a romantic thriller would do it justice, and of course, the journey's the thing as it moves through the tawdry jungle of Chicago's drug infested underbelly to the city of Melbourne, down under, for its emotionally charged climax. Hambledown is a well paced read that keeps you in it the whole way through, and a great read for anyone."

Check out this and other reviews over at Amazon Books.



  1. Um, just so everyone knows, I had the first review on Amazon. Also, I reviewed his book BEFORE it came out in print. Yeah. I was getting my Hambledown on before ANYBODY ELSE. Well... this is probably not true, but I can pretend.

  2. No Annie - I can concur you were the first to "get your Hambledown on" in print before anyone else...

    ...EVEN ME!!