Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Official Announcement "The Hambledown Dream" Is Officially In Print.

March 11th 2010

Following on from a successful digital launch in January 2010, ireadiwrite Publishing and Dean Mayes are extremely pleased to announce the official release of Dean's break out novel "The Hambledown Dream" in print for the first time.

Dean and Michelle (of ireadiwrite Publishing) have been working tirelessly over the past couple of months to bring this edgy, timeless and romantic story of love, loss, redemption and salvation to the printed page and proud to present the novel in trade paperback.

The Hambledown Dream is available at Amazon's Book Store right now for $19.95(USD) plus shipping.

As Dean and Michelle work together to bring the novel to the attention of major retailers both in the United States and Australia, great reviews and sales are expected. In line with the official release Dean
sat down with author Anne Riley to talk about the novel, his inspirations for writing and his hopes for success. Watch her site for that interview in the coming days.

Author and friend, Anne Riley.

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ireadiwrite Publishing is a digital and now print press featuring new writers of literary fiction and poetry across a wide variety of genres. Our books are available in eBook sellers worldwide and in our own online store in multiple, non-DRM formats. The Hambledown Dream is ireadiwrite Publishing's first print project and we hold great hopes for this beautifully crafted novel.

"The Hambledown Dream" by Dean Mayes, now available in print from Amazon Books.



  1. That's GREAT, but . . . I wonder if the price will turn some off to purchasing it in print? $19.95 plus shipping seems like a hefty price to pay since you can go to the bookstore and buy most paperbacks for $9.99-$14.99.

    Not saying yours isn't worth it, of course. ;-)

  2. We did a lot of research into pricing based on set up and production costs and the price point we felt was the best for the book. It's an interesting question to ponder.

    Down Under the average price point for a trade paperback is $29.95AUD, so to get a book like this shipped from the States for around $30AUD is a pretty fair price point.

  3. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Everyone, Dean's interview will post Saturday. Don't miss it!

  4. Pricing is indeed very tricky. Americans are quite spoiled with low prices. New release Canadian trade paperbacks are between 15 to 25! And books in Australia are even more expensive. So I figured this was pretty fair to most countries. Plus, in the US, if you add another $5 on Amazon for another book, you get free shipping. Plus, this gives room for bookstores to put it on sale and they can still make money on it. We'll see, like I've said before, poor Dean is our guinea pig!

  5. Hi - I just popped over from Anne's blog. Congrats on the book :)

  6. Thank you Jemi - Hope you can stick around and read some of my back stuff. Itks a journey alright.