Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dean Reads from The Artisan Heart Live via Facebook.

So, I thought I'd attempt something a little different this week and do a live reading from my brand new novel "The Artisan Heart" over at Facebook Live and follow it up by answering reader questions. I think it went pretty well and I'm pleased to be able to make the video available here. 

I've read just the first two chapters for this one but I'm keen to read more - if you are. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

"The Artisan Heart" by Dean Mayes is available now where ever good books are sold. Click through here to browse purchasing options, including signed copies from the author himself.



  1. Hi Dean!
    Loving the book, find it really annoying when I have to put it down, then I will be looking for others you have written! Thanks to Sue and Amanda who lead me to you. Regards Lyn

    1. Thank you Lyn! I'm going to do some more of these and see if they generate more interest. Hopefully, I'll intrigue some more readers.