Friday, June 3, 2016

I Pledge To Swear & Shake.

Swear & Shake are, arguably, the most beautiful band I have ever heard. Originally hailing from New York and born from the rich and warm, New York folk pedigree with a more recent infusion of Nashville roots, the band brings an intimate and sumptuous musical experience.

Swear and Shake first spun into my orbit about 6 years ago when I discovered their enchanting 5 track EP, appropriately titled "Extended Play" via Frostwire. So taken was I with the recording, I donated some money to them in the hope I would see more from them. 

And they did not disappoint. In 2012, after their first successful Kickstarter campaign (and my own first experience of pledging to such a campaign), Swear & Shake minted their first long play album, The Maple Ridge - as eclectic and yet as sugnature a recording as you will ever find as a band looking to define their sound. Each song was lovingly hewn and brought to life through each band member's unique skills and it is a beautiful acheivement for them. 

In the midst of a move to Nashville, an almost unbroken tour schedule and some minor tweaks to the line-up, they returned to the studio in 2014 to produce their 3rd recording (their 2nd EP) "Ain't That Loving". 

Helmed by the three principals, Adam McHeffey Kari Spieler and Shaun Savage, Swear & Shake are now working on a brand new, long play project called "The Sound Of Letting Go". This promises to be a hand crafted collection of music of the highest integrity and I would encourage you to become lost in their wonder. 

In a collaboration with Pledge Music, a purpose built crowdfunding space, Swear & Shake have put together an impressive list of investment incentives which start at as little as $5 and go right upto $3500 (USD) which will get you a house performance from the band themselves. There's plenty in addition here as the band draws in art and fashion to create merchandise that complements their music which, of course, features at all pledge levels.

Take a look at their project page at Pledge Music and consider supporting them. With around 18 days of their campaign left to go, they are roughly 75% funded. It is no small thing for me to say that they really are a one of a kind musical experience and I guarantee you will not be disappointed by the core mission of this project - an album called "The Sound Of Letting Go."

Do this. 


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