Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Hambledown Dream Goes Aural - Part One.

Beginning this week, I will be making chapters of my novel "The Hambledown Dream" available in a high quality audio book, read by me, for you to listen to and enjoy. Readers from all over the world have discovered and fallen in love with the "Dream".

What I hope to achieve from this is to whet those undecided readers appetites for more and encourage them to purchase my novel either digital or printed format.

This week, Part One - the beginning of the story where one life, so full of promise, ends while another's - so far away - hangs in the balance.

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Dean Mayes, author of "The Hambledown Dream" reads his novel for an audio book preview series.


  1. I love it. A great reading voice, and an intriguing story. I have already bought the book.

  2. Chatty - thanks so much for your comments. Keep an ear out for a new episode in the coming week or so...

  3. LOL - sorry, just picturing you reading Chapter 4 =)