Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Rasor's Edge - aka First Look at "How Lost Got Lost"

I've met some wonderful people in the time since I was signed to ireadiwrite Publishing, not the least of which is fellow ireadiwrite author John Rasor. John was one of the first people to congratulate me on the release of "The Hambledown Dream" into print and his counsel was wonderful during a difficult period a few months ago when I was still finding my feet.

John first came to notice with his debut novel for ireadiwrite called "Roadkill", a deliciously sinister and disturbing story of a serial killer with a severe case of road rage who patrols the streets of L.A. and the highways of Southern California running down drivers who are using their cell phones while driving. His rage extends from the tragic death of his wife and unborn child in a similar but unrelated incident. I said at the time that "Roadkill" had me thinking of Denzel Washington's "Man On Fire" and more recently, the Liam Neeson actioner "Taken" in which an insatiable desire for revenge feeds the protagonist. I have to confess that I have a predilection for these types of stories.

In the aftermath of what many regard as the greatest "What the Fuck??" ending of a major television series ever - I refer to Lost by the way - John has sat down, driven by the need to understand, and has penned what could be the definitive tonic to aid all those Lost fans who are still picking themselves up off of the floor. "How Lost Got Lost" is one Lost fan's labor of love, a soliloquy of pent up frustration laid bare. How could one of TV's most engrossing series have jumped the shark so comprehensively? John Rasor examines the Lost phenomenon in a blisteringly funny narrative that is choc full of valuable insights and measured consideration that seeks to answer that one burning question - W.T.F? 

Cover art for John Rasor's upcoming release "How Lost Got Lost"

With an official release date marked for August 15th 2010, "How Lost Got Lost" is the companion piece every self respecting "Lost" fan must own. Advanced Reading copies are available for purchase now at ireadiwrite Publishing and further information about John Rasor can be found at his Official Site

Go get some of this. Those of you who gave six years of your life to Lost owe it to yourselves.



  1. You know, I watched like 2 episodes of Lost and did not like it! Which is so bizarre, because the IDEA of it is right up my ally. It just didn't take, though, and now I'm kind of glad. I won't be tearing my hair out about it like so many of my friends!

  2. You know Anne, I watched the first season and caught a couple of eps from Season 3 but I couldn't invest myself in it. I have friends though, who say to me "I gave six years of my life to this - where's my payoff?"

    I'm kinda glad it passed me by.

  3. Dean - Thanks so much for this, it's truly an act of great brotherly love, and I appreciate the effort on my behalf so very much.

  4. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping out a fellow author. Just don't go writing any squishy paranormal love stories b/c then I might have to puff the chest up and grunt Tim the Toolman style


  5. Hi Dean
    My name is Maggie-beth, and I'm John's wife. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for writing such a wonderful blog about John's new book - I edited it, and I know what a labor of love it was. He truly cares about that show! I didn't watch much of it, so I don't completely get it, but his passion - and his annoyance - shines through.
    Mainly, however, I wanted to take an opportunity (at long last) to thank you for "The Hambledown Dream" - I could NOT put it down. It was the first "new" book I read on my brand-new Kindle - by which I mean all the other books I had on it were no-copyright free stuff from amazon - because I am, ummmmm, thrifty ; )
    I had been meaning to write an email, but...after so long a time, I decided to comment on your blog, where other people could read of my appreciation, too.
    I like everything about the book. Your dialogue is as good as your description. I like your characters. I like that none of your characters are extraneous, and that you have painted them so that I can SEE them. I feel as if I know them now. The way you melded two souls into one body in the end was brilliantly done, and I believed it ALL. It was romantic without being soppy, and there was just enough of a supernatural quality to make the whole book dream-like but possible. I particularly love the scenes in the bar in the U.S. (especially when he's playing his guitar), and the scenes in Australia. The whole concert portion gave me chills - it was beautifully drawn, and I was THERE, in the audience, and on the stage simultaneously. The ending was perfection - you wrapped it all up, and then went on to give us an idea of what their future would be like together - I appreciated that, because I wanted to know for certain that their lives would work out - at least in terms of being happy together. Whatever life throws at them in the future, it is nice to know that they will face things together, come what may. I am also very pleased that you allowed the father a chance to get to know his son, and that both father and son were willing. Many authors would have stopped on the beach - I'm SO glad you carried it on and gave the reader closure.
    So, thanks for a wonderful experience. I look forward to your next book with anticipation.