Monday, August 8, 2016

Parent Rage - Seriously. Is This A Thing Now Adelaide?

There isn't a lot that shocks me in this world anymore. I've seen enough of human nature at its best and worst that I tend to sigh and regard it all with barely more than a 'meh...'

Apparently, I haven't yet seen it all.

So, yesterday afternoon; I'm waiting in my car across from my children's primary school. I often get there about 15 minutes before the bell to ensure I can park safely and scroll the news feeds on my smartphone - because that's always the best time to do that sort of thing guilt free. 

I've got my son with me, whose been home sick with vomiting and is only just starting to feel a little brighter. 

Without warning, I'm shocked out of my Twitter-feed reverie by a sudden pounding on the driver's side window. Jumping in my seat, I look up to see a man - face pressed against the glass - hurling abuse at me and gesticulating wildly, in the middle of the street, for everyone to see.

Apparently, he had taken issue with the fact that I had parked my car in such a way that it was impossible for anyone to slip in behind my car and the car further back. The space wasn't big enough. There was a car in front of me so my moving forward was out of the question. 

This, apparently, constitutes a perfect storm in some people, where they feel it is  their constitutional right to unleash the power of Grey Skull on a fellow parent. 

And unleash that power this father did.

Not content with my shocked and stunned look of disbelief at his salvo of window punches and verbal abuse, this genius, proceeded to grab the door handle of my car and yank it open. He ordered me to step out of the car. To fight it out. In front of a Primary School. In broad daylight. 

Now bear in mind here that my 11 year old son, is in the car with me. My sick-with-gastro 11 year old son who was cradling an ice cream container just in case he had cause to vomit for the 50th time today. 

Once I got my head around the shock of what was happening, I calmly stepped from my car and suggested we move off the street, lest we get run down by the steadily building after school traffic. All the while, crazy-father-guy was actually goading me to throw a punch, in between berating me for him not being able to park his cark behind mine. 

By this time the school bell has chimed and children and parents are passing by this shit show, watching on with bemusement. Never a good look to have an audience of kids at a potential dust up.

The situation was quickly spinning out of control.

Unwilling to listen to this rant anymore, I calmly stepped forward, into his face, and whispered - because that is all I can manage vocally right now - 'If you want me to throw down right here, I guarantee you, you will not get up.' It was kinda Liam Neeson-esque - minus the Liam Neeson.

Then I calmly turned and walked away, back to my car. 

The dad continued his tirade of abuse as he retreated from my car and across the street while I slowly motored down to the gate to collect my daughter. My 6 year old daughter. Who got to witness his continuing rage and vile langauge. As did any number of other children and parents and teachers.

This happened at a Primary School in Adelaide yesterday.

Seriously. Are we doing Parent Rage now? Is this a thing?



  1. In an open carry state, like Texas, this situation would have resolved in 2 seconds.

    No comment on the morality of your upside-down Aussie gun ban, but at times it's a tad inefficient.

    1. Port Arthur Massacre, 1996. No mass shooting events since, because? Sensible gun control laws.

      The End.