Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Breaching the Shield Of Lies

As we wind down towards the summer holidays here in Australia, I'm looking around for some choice titles to take away with me on my upcoming break. Today, I wanted to spotlight an author who, I think is really talented and able to cross genres and styles effortlessly.

Alan R. Ryan is a Queensland based author and podcaster who has steadily built a profile through his weekly podcast "Jogcast Radio" exploring pop culture and science fiction in a really enthusiastic and entertaining series of conversations.

s a writer, Alan displays an equal volume of enthusiasm and crafts really engaging stories, the latest of which, a novella called "Shield of Lies: A Jack Taylor Adventure" promises to kick off a kinetic series of actioners that genre fans will love.

Jack Taylor has seen it all in the K and R business. He’s saved many lives and always works for the highest bidder. As the top consultant for McMillian he’s the first man on the scene when trouble begins.

When a doctor by the name of Paul Bluegrass is kidnapped while on work in the war torn areas of Baghdad, Jack and his team are called in to supervise and get Paul back to his safety.

What follows is an adventure through corporate channels, to the site of war and beyond as Jack has to face insurmountable odds, a sketchy unseen enemy and the reality of what really happened in the Iraq War.

Ryan's nods to the great political action thrillers that adorn airport book stores are resplendent throughout this quick fire novella. There is a good sense of pacing and a firm grasp on the geo-political nuances of our time which adds a sense of immediacy to the narrative and the character development is handled deftly - even with the shorter nature of the novella. I think the shorter form stories get a bad rap because of their brevity. But if they are handled well - as is the case with "Shield Of Lies" - they can prove themselves as being every bit as entertaining than their longer form counterparts.

Shield of Lies is available now in the Kindle Store.

Connect with Alan R. Ryan here.

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