Monday, July 21, 2014

Dean Is Featured In An Exciting, New On-line Magazine.

As I continue work on my new novel, The Recipient, I had the opportunity to sit down with journalist Libby Parker, the brains behind an exciting, new on-line magazine called The Upside News. Featuring stories that focus on unique Adelaide people, The Upside News offers readers an insight into these people and the many and varied things they are doing in their lives. 

(logo credit: The Upside News)

Journalist, Libby Parker.

Libby and I discussed my dual careers as a writer, published author and Intensive Care Nurse and we explored how both these roles contribute to the other. I also offered a sneak peek of my new novel, the inspiration behind it and how my background in medicine and nursing is contributing to the creation of what I hope is a tense and pulse pounding thriller. 

You can click through to the feature here.


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