Sunday, April 6, 2014

Adena Atkins - New Single "As The World Falls Down".

I featured singer/songwriter Adena Atkins here a couple of years ago, when this Seattle based artist debuted her four track EP "The Slowest Curve". I enthused at the time that Adena Atkins was a rare artist with an impeccable ethic - one who hand crafts her music with great care and attention - and her intoxicating blend of lyricism, music and artistry was something I was eager to hear more of. 

Well, it's been a little while - only because Adena has spent the best part of the past year working on a new music project that has expanded from an EP to a yet to be released LP - but her diligence is now bearing fruit. Working between Seattle and Las Vegas, Atkins has collaborated with acclaimed music producer Angelov while recruiting some exquisite musical talent to bring her artistic and musical vision to life. Adena has just released a brand new single - a magical reworking of a David Bowie classic "As The World Falls Down" through Istar Records.

Featuring Maria Alexieva and Caleb Kelly on backing vocals and Ryan Kingsley on sitar, "As The World Falls Down" is a sumptuous recording which Adena Atkins re-imagines and makes her own. Imbuing the song with a distinctly eastern feel, Adena's uplifting vocals are rich and polished and the instrumentals within the recording offer something akin to an aural feast. The musical production of the single and album has been enhanced by Adena's collaboration with esteemed producer Angelov, whose rich background in both classical and popular music has lent a quality to the project that makes it stand proudly forward. Adena herself recalled to me this past week that Angelov's contribution has been invaluable as he shared a similar artistic vision for the project which aligned perfectly with Adena's own. It made the journey for both of them just that much more special.

To coincide with the release of the single, Adena has recruited some brilliant artistic talent to package the single and the artist herself and is worth exploration on its own.  Adena Atkins herself painted the sumptuous costume, backdrop and the lettering seen in the cover art - a homage, Atkins says, to a personal hero in Gustav Klimt. Additional graphic design was contributed by Andrew Ries, while Jady of Steamtropolis crafted Adena's costume and styled her hair. The end result has been captured for posterity by celebrated Seattle based photographer Debora Spencer.

"As The World Falls Down" showcases an artist of pure integrity and offers a preview of what will be a beautiful full length recording to savor. 

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