Monday, September 16, 2013

The Hambledown Dream Goes On Tour

This coming 23rd September - The Hambledown Dream goes on tour, courtesy of Saskia Book Services. Revisit the lyrical and moving love story of my debut novel during the entire week where I'll be featured at a number of specialist book websites and bloggers, talking about "The Hambledown Dream" and the writing life that my first novel created. 

The Hambledown Dream is my lyrical and moving 2010 debut for Central Avenue Publishing that explores the journey of a young man on both sides of his own mortality.

(2010 original release). 

(2011, digital release).

Australian Denny Banister had it all; a successful career, a passion for the guitar, and Sonya - the love of his life. Tragically, Denny is struck down with inoperable cancer. Andy DeVries has almost nothing; alienated from his family, moving through a dangerous Chicago underworld dealing in drugs, battling addiction while keeping a wavering hold on the only thing that matters to him: a place at a prestigious conservatory for classical guitar in Chicago. 

As Andy recovers from a near fatal overdose, he is plagued by dreams - memories of a love he has never felt, and a life he's never lived. Driven by the need for redemption and by the love for a woman he's never met, he begins a quest to find her, knowing her only by the memories of a stranger and the dreams of a place called Hambledown...

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