Friday, August 9, 2013

Them Vibes - There Need Be No Other Title.

I first encountered the recording artist Brother Love through the New York internet radio show Keith and the Girl back in 2006. A 1000 watt personality with a killer vocal range as a singer as well as mega chops on the drums, Brother Love's multi-layered music quickly rose to the top of my playlist via his solo albums "Album of the Year" and "Turn It Up". Both albums show case Brother Love's ability to cross pollinate musical genres from rock, to funk to radio friendly urban beats, while anchoring them together with his considerable vocal presence. The result is an attractive package that still stands as one of my favorites.

I was hopeful that Brother Love would continue with his solo work because I always felt he had much more to give. However, an opportunity presented for him to further his career behind the drums and he made the move to Nashville to take up residence in the country rock fusion outfit "Her and Kings County". What started out as a hugely promising career with a band who had major label backing turned out not to be and at the middle point of 2012, it seemed - from the outside looking in - Brother Love as a recording artist, might have run his race. Little did I know, this couldn't be further from the truth.

With another former HKC alum Alex Haddad, Brother Love set about reinventing himself via a new musical project, the boughs of which, are now bearing fruit.

Them Vibes represents a continuation of Brother Love's and Alex Haddad's exploration of a Nashville inspired country rock fusion but as Brother Love himself told me recently, it is a much more personal sound, free from the constraints of the over produced, over packaged fare that so often finds it's way onto music store shelves.

In January 2013, the band began recording their debut record, Shine On, in their backyard of Nashville, TN. They sought out to make an album that was unchained from the grid-perfect, quick fix plug-in standards of today’s recording. Demanding vintage tones, feel, and performance, Them Vibes went to work creating a record that felt both new and familiar. Six months later, they left with an eleven song LP that achieved just that.

Them Vibes’ roots run deep through the veritable ground of music; influences ranging from the gritty rock of The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, the rhythmic sway of The Black Crowes and Tom Petty, and the intimate harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel and The Band. The songs themselves vary from the ballistic to the intimate, but throughout, runs a through-line of raw, unapologetic honesty.

From the cut-throat, adrenalin shot, single, Cryin Shame, to the down-home, back porch sound of Lorelei, the band takes you on a journey in sound, and feel, but through it all, the genuine grit and heart of Them Vibes rings on through to the last note. It vibes. It feels. It gets under your skin and makes you feel good. Lorelei alone had me pulling out my Nana's ancient piano accordion and had me jamming along with it.

Currently residing in East Nashville, Them Vibes are doing what they love most; playing live and letting the music do the talking. You can probably find the songwriters, Alex Haddad and Larry Florman (Brother Love) by the bar somewhere. Have a drink with them, ease back, let yourself go, and take a ride with Them Vibes.

As the duo work towards a release of the LP later this year, they are currently promoting their music via their Bandcamp portal. Cryin' Shame and Lorelei (which are available for purchase now) will soon be joined by additional tracks from the Shine On album. Through this effort as well as a possible crowd funding push, Them Vibes will be in a position to raise their profile into the stratosphere. 

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Rock and roll isn't supposed to be pretty. It sure a s hell isn't perfect. It’s just as crooked as the rest of us, and that’s the way it should be.


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