Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 - 5 - 2011 The Day Of The Foos.

The quintessential rock band of my generation, the Foo Fighters, landed in Adelaide on December 5th for a one off show at the Adelaide Oval as part of their Wasting Light World Tour. This was an event that I have waited months for - well, to be honest, it's been a three year wait. I have mentioned to a couple of people already that, for me, the show was nigh on a religious experience last night and one that I won't soon forget. My love for the Foo Fighters is no secret and I have talked about the influence that Dave Grohl, in particular, had on me during a difficult period in my life a few years ago

Dave, Chris, Nate, Pat and Taylor were in superb form and delivered a two hour main set that went non stop - repeat NON STOP! Their stamina was just incredible. The show itself was balls to the wall rock, in contrast to their 2008 tour, where their show incorporated a smaller acoustic set. This isn't to say that last night's show was any lesser without that contrast - far from it. 

Highlights for me was their performance of "These Days" which Dave hinted that footage from their Australian tour would be used in an upcoming music video for that song. "Stacked Actors" was another standout - one of my favorite Foo's tracks and "The Pretender" was delivered with enough voltage to light up a small country. They also blew everyone away with Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down" which was really poignant as I just watched a doco on that band on TV earlier this week. There were also moments of comedy during the show including a kind of guitar high noon standoff between Dave and Chris that brought the house down. They were engaging, interactive and enthusiastic to the Adelaide crowd. Hands down, The Foo Fighters are the consummate rock band and are the gold standard that all who call themselves rock musicians should aspire to.

I'm pleased to present a little video compilation of my concert experience. Excuse the audio on the video footage as it pops a little but you'll get the idea.



  1. Hooray! Their songs "Everlong" and "Hero" bring back some VERY vivid memories for me of my time living in Spain. Love it. So glad you got to see them!

  2. Annie, there is no doubt about it. The Foo's are THEE best rock band in the world. I am still buzzed from Monday night's show and a number of my work colleagues who were there and I have been geeking out ever since the show.

    "My Hero" had that brilliant anthemic quality when they played it and 30,000 people singing along with it was spine tingling.

    I neglected to mention in the post that they performed Pink Floyd's "In The Flesh" from "The Wall" and I was kinda hoping they would keep going with tracks from that album. Man, I was so in rock heaven the other night.