Thursday, September 15, 2011

A First Look - Relatively Honest by Molly Ringle.

This is a red letter day to make me smile. Friend & fellow author Molly Ringle has announced her latest release, Relatively Honest for ireadiwrite Publishing

THE GUFF: Eighteen year-old womaniser Daniel Revelstoke leaves his native London to study at the University of Oregon, dreaming of seducing one American girl after another. But he soon meets a new kind of woman in classmate Julie French. Her cleverness and resistance land Daniel in love for the first time in his life, to his deep confusion.

However, Julie's long-distance boyfriend and a bizarre family secret stand in Daniel's way to winning her. Since he can't quit obsessing over her, he decides to hide a few truths in order to draw closer to her, hoping that maybe she'll return his love and, when she finds out his devious path, forgive him. It's a gamble, but all's fair in love and college.

THE AUTHOR: For those who know Molly, her whimsical style - which I loved so much in her previous release What Scotland Taught Me - is engaging & infectious. She is a master of rich characterization, sharp, funny and tender dialogue and intelligent plot construction that encourages you to live and breath her stories rather than just passively observe them. 

Relatively Honest will deliver more of Molly's trademark vivaciousness, wit & whimsy and I'm sure it will be a success in a very short time. If there is a Kindle purchase you must make this year, make it Relatively Honest.



  1. Cool, Dean, thanks so much! Making people smile (and perhaps wince at the memory of their own college-age foibles) is indeed the aim with this one. Hope it hits the mark. Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I lined up in the cold and the rain with a tent and a sleeping bag the same way I did for the premiere of Star Wars Episode 1.

    Then I hit purchase on my Droid and clucked like a giddy schoolboy and came inside the house from the back yard.

    I'm so pleased for you Molly.

  3. Heheh. Aren't ebooks great that way? Not that I'd deprive anyone of a rainy camp-out...they're tradition here in the Pacific Northwest!

    Enjoy and thank you again! When I do my yearly round-up of great books I've read in the past year, you can be sure I'll include The Hambledown Dream.

  4. Sounds lovely, Dean! What a great premise. "All's fair in love and college." Ha! Brilliant.