Monday, May 16, 2011

The Deeper Meaning Of Reviews.

One thing that I have come to appreciate more than anything in my journey as a writer is the importance of reviews. 

Since the digital release of "The Hambledown Dream" in March this year, I have made it a priority of mine to query as many books reviewers as possible in the hope that they will sit down with my novel and offer a critical appraisal of my work. It is one of the few yardsticks with which to measure my success as a writer - whether what I am doing as a writer is of worth and value. And by this maxim I should add that I have endeavoured to become fearless in my pursuit of reviews. I am not afraid of the possibility that I might get a bad review. In fact - bad reviews or, more specifically, reviews that constructively critique my work, I regard as being just as important as the good the reviews. I'll admit, it wasn't always this way but I've spent enough time around the community now to appreciate this.

There is no denying however, the buzz of getting a good review. Not only a good review, but a comprehensively good review - one that identifies the themes and concepts that I was trying to articulate in my writing in a subtle way. There have been a number of reviews of The Hambledown Dream that have achieved this, but a review I received in the past 24 hours really humbled me. Yvonne Gill of Fiction Books sat down with The Hambledown Dream at my request and she has just posted her take on my novel. Click through the banner below to visit her site.

"This debut novel of the genre for me, was a great initiation and something to be enjoyed...The book is described as a contemporary paranormal romance, but for me it was so much more. There was a hint of the supernatural, both physical and emotional transformation, and the obvious question of the notion of reincarnation..."                                       Yvonne Gill.


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  1. Congrats on your successes so far! May they be just the beginning. I am still in the editing stage, but hope to get mine up by the end of the year. Have a super week!