Friday, December 17, 2010

The Brave Ones: Bailey's Battle At Christmas.

As my family heads into this Christmas season, we were all confronted with the distressing news that one of our own, one of our youngest has been given a terrible burden to contend with.
The following was written by my sister in law Rachel:

"My five year old nephew Bailey was diagnosed with an aggressive cancerous brain tumor and two tumors on his spine on Thursday 9th December after being ill on and off for approx 5 months. Most of the brain tumor was removed on Sunday 12th December during a 7 hour operation at Melbourne's Royal Childrens Hospital.

Bailey Lang, taken December 11th December 2010 - day before surgery.

Unfortunately it was attached to a couple of important parts of his brain including the brain stem and he will now have to undergo radiation treatment and chemotherapy over the coming weeks and months. The other two tumors are still too small to operate on so his specialists are hoping that they will be able to treat them with the chemo and radiation therapy.

Bailey's Dad has been unable to work for the last 6 months because of all the doctors appointments that Bailey has had to try and find out what was wrong with him. Sadly there isn't much money left to help with the cost of Christmas for Bailey and his 3yr old sister Blayne, not to mention the cost of keeping the house going here in Moe and being down in Melbourne with Bailey.

I have opened a bank account in Bailey’s name for any donations to be used to help with expenses for Bailey and his family. I have also signed onto Paypal. At this time, I am hoping you and your family may be able to make a small donation to help this family in their time of need.

Yours sincerely,

Rachael Mayes (Bailey’s aunty)."

Donations can be made in person at any Bendigo Bank branch using the following details

BSB: 633000     
Acct Number: 141847160      
Acct Name: Bailey James Lang

Via Paypal using the following email address:

or by sending a cheque to:

The Bailey Lang Fund.
c/- Rachael Mayes
77 Newark Avenue

I had a whole other post to write in the lead-up to Christmas but in view of the circumstances and other things that are going on right now, I will jump in early and wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas. In the words of my personal hero, journalist Matt Price...

"Life is precious...hug your loved ones"



  1. How terribly sad. Your family is in my thoughts Dean.

  2. Thanks Heather. We're kind of in the eye of a storm right now. Breathless that it could have happened at all. It's being described as a melanoma which is truly bizarre because he's always so sunsmart and the brain tumor has never seen the sunlight.

    Please spread the word if you can.

  3. An update...

    Bailey has been out of bed today for a shower for the first time since his surgery. He was able to walk with assistance but is now so buggered that he has been sleeping for the last couple of hours.

    The vomiting is still continuing let's hope he can be well enough by the middle of the week to be allowed to leave hospital for Xmas day with the family...

  4. What a terrible tragedy, Dean! your poor sister! And your sweet little breaks my heart. I'll do what I can...

  5. I am so, so terribly sorry for this awful tragey. Bailey looks so sweet and adorable! I'll try to do what I can. I hope with all my heart that Bailey's chemotherapy and radiation treatment emerge successful. :)