Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On The Eve Of Good Things.

It's not so much the eve of...but we'll indulge, shall we?

It's a little over a week to go before the first major event in support of my novel "The Hambledown Dream" and I have to admit...I'm a little nervous.

I'll be returning to my home town in country Victoria, Australia where I will be in-store at Avid Books, Moe for what has become the official launch of the book.

From 4 til 6PM on Friday the 16th, I will be doing a little speech about the book, doing a reading from it and signing copies.

From what I here, the buzz for the event is good - really good. And my whole family have gotten behind it. From putting posters up around the town, handing book marks out to people, my Mum has cooked up an idea to serve appetizers at the event and there's even going to be a reporter from the local newspaper covering the event and interviewing me.

It's all getting very real now.

This is the first of two events that I have planned so far and a third event is looking increasing likely, though I can't say too much about that just now - things have yet to be confirmed.

It's fitting that I should be returning home to launch the book I think. At first, when I first began tossing the idea of an event around, I had little idea of how things would progress. That I was going back home for a few days anyway already was good in itself but now, with this event, the trip is going to be that much more special.

I talked with my publisher, Michelle Halket, on Skype this past weekend and I was so psyched afterwards. For months now, our primary mode of communication has been email, but to be able to see and hear this wonderful lady and talk 'strategy' as such was so cool.It just reinforces just how real the dream - my dream - has become.
I'm looking forward to many more of these sessions.

So, the jacket is picked, the shirt - is in hand, I'm trying to put together a little speech for the afternoon and I'm hoping that we'll get a good turn out.

Love the beast.



  1. Good luck to you with the event and the book! How exciting to live the dream!

  2. So exciting! I'm sure it will be a fabulous day! Have fun :)

  3. *blush*

    Dean, you're a dream to work with (pun intended). I am privileged and honored to work with a fellow like yourself.

    I only wish I could be there - hopefully someone will take some pics and videos so we can all feel like we were there.

    World tour - up next!

  4. Love the beast indeed. Congratulations!

  5. Holy cow, I'm excited for you! What a thrill. I hope you capture every moment in your memory.