Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Randomosity (Delta).

Another lull in proceedings.

3AM, quiet, patient is under control and this is the first opportunity I've had to sit down with a cup of good ol' Caterer's Blend and breathe. I was just thinking to myself that if I put a teaspoon of pepper into this drink AFTER the three sugars I garnished it with - it would still aproximately chemical waste without the class. But it's drinkable so...I shouldn't complain.

If you're ever feeling so inclined I invite you to look up Tufting's Enteropathy on the web. Then imagine what a 13 month would be like with it. In a word - heartbreaking. I have been doing all I can to settle the little tyke down to sleep but in between the rampant diarrhoea and the vomiting, it's been next to impossible. The babe sleeps now though, thank heavens for small mercies.

It seems I have stumbled across a rich seam of gold (calloquially speaking) in the past 24 hours. In the blog-sphere there are literally millions upon millions of blogs that pertain to writing, to reading and to book reviews. So it is to here that I have turned my attentions in order to drive the marketing of The Hambledown Dream. was unaware before now - just how many blogs out there specialize in the reading of and reviewing of books. Each of them have their own audience so they each represent a potential.

The email count up until now is somewhere close to 100 - all individualized so as to appeal to each addressee in a personal fashion. Mind you I think I stuffed up royally last night when sending out the emails because I was doing it on my smartphone and I discovered that half of the email text was getting cut off in the sending. So I can imagine how my doucheyness would have looked at the other end when the recipient is reading my introduction only for it to be cut off before I have even illuminated them to the reason for my contacting them. I rectified the problem since but I still feel like an idiot.

Note for future reference - make sure you have the bloody addressee's name right too (Arrghh I could punch myself in the nose seriously).

...I have to ask this question - what is going on with the Jackson's these days. We're getting this program on pay tv at the moment called The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty. I caught a little of it the other night before work. I say a little of it because after about 3 minutes I wanted to throw my f***ing shoe at the TV. Michael's plastic nose hasn't been in the ground a year and these parasites are riding the coat tails of his death in a morbid attempt to suck as much profit from the Jackson name as they can.

Yeah, yeah I know - I could simply turn the TV off - but I'm a voyueristic pig sometimes...I just can't look away.

TV seems to be sucking more and more these days.



  1. Saw your comment over at Jody's and had to stop by. I was an exchange student in Adelaide almost 20 years ago and attended Blackwood High.

  2. thanks for having a look. I hope you can continue to follow.