Monday, February 15, 2010

Randomosity (Cappa...???)

I just had to relate this to you while the thoughts remain fresh in my mind.

My three point five year old son and I have this little thing we do where we'll start singing a song together that will become sort of our theme tune for the moment.

It's a small, silly, insignificant thing really, but it's one thing that I can say I truly teach my son - so I call it a waaaaay cool teaching...thingy.

Right now, for some reason that I can't explain, we've struck upon the old Masters Apprentices classic "Because I Love You". It's taken us no time at all to master the lyrics. It's great because for years, I was never truly sure of the lyrics to the song myself. It was one of those situations where, I always thought the lyrics went a particular way...and they were completely different to what I thought they were. It just reminded me of a doctor colleague of mine who has now returned to England. She revealed to me just before Christmas, two of those yuletides ago, that she always thought that the words to "Feed the World (Do They Know It's Christmas?) were ... get this ... "Fever - Who-oaa!" (Sorry Fi - I couldn't resist).

So, yeah, my son and I are reciting "Because I Love You" every chance we get now - much to the teeth grinding aggravation of his mother. A few months ago it was the theme to Rocky "Gonna Fly Now" which he still avidly requests as part of the in car playlist on the way home from day care. I think the day care worker was genuinely shocked when she heard those victorious trumpets issue forth from my car's stereo system once when I pulled away from the curb outside the child care center.

Makes me wonder now what my 3 month old daughter and I will end up singing once she develops a voice of her own.


(nb - this post was written at 0500 hours in the morning after a period of sleep deprivation totalling T-minus 23 hours. Thus the lucidity of the author cannot be garanteed).

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  1. lol my husband thought the old song "why did you have to go and be a heartbreaker?" was "why did you have to be a park ranger?" and "islands in the stream" was "islands in the street" :)