Purchase The Night Fisher Elegies by Dean Mayes.

Taking the reader on a journey through love, faith, death, grief, family and dreams, “The Night Fisher Elegies” by internationally acclaimed writer Dean Mayes (The Hambledown Dream, Gifts of the Peramangk, The Recipient, The Artisan Heart) weaves together powerful explorations of humanism, moments of reflection that are tinged with melancholy, and short verses that inhabit the sometimes brutal landscape of self examination. Dean wanders through a palace of memories contained within nostalgic love, experimenting with style, tone and character. He poses questions for the reader to ponder and wrestle with and offers pieces that are designed to evoke and provoke, while others are simply present as meditations to inspire and affirm.

Collecting pieces from over 10 years of writing and creating, “The Night Fisher Elegies” showcases Dean Mayes’ unique literary style across short fiction, ghazal poetry, short form essays and personal reflections. The Night Fisher Elegies by Dean Mayes will be available worldwide from September 1st, 2022. 

Australian Customers - to pre-order your personally signed and numbered copy of this luminous collection of storytelling for $21.95 plus shipping and handling, complete your purchase via the PayPal button below.

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