Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hear Me - Retrospectively.

In mid 2010, I sat down at my computer with a hope in my heart and a glass of the good stuff next to me, to record an audio book version of my novel "The Hambledown Dream". My intention was to release it onto the web as a way of enticing potential readers into the world that I had created, in the hope that they would run out afterwards and by the book itself. 

Recently, I made a passing mention to the audio book on my Twitter feed and I instantly got messages of interest from the 'verse as it were. "You made an audio book???" 

So, as a way of rewarding those who might still be interested and for those who love the sound of my accent ;) I would like to present the complete audio book sampler comprising the first quarter of "The Hambledown Dream" here for your listening pleasure once more. 

Download it, spread the word about it, give it a listen and tell me what you think and, most importantly, if you like it enough - consider purchasing the novel and treating yourself to the entire story. 

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three. 

For now, I'm off on holiday for a week or so and I'll be planning a couple of great author features for when I return. Stay tuned.



  1. So awesome, Dean! I've a;ways loved listening to you read.

  2. Thank you Cee. Apparebtly there are a whole lot of people who weren't even aware of these so I thought it appropriate to redo them in the hopes of keeping the profile up.

  3. Does this mean I get to hear you read Chapter 4? I'm not sure I can handle that. :)

  4. Indeed I do read chapter 4 Annie - and let me tell you, it took a number of takes! :p