Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Brave Ones.

Kayleigh Hendricks is a wonderful soul who is a part of a team behind a campaign to raise awareness of hate crimes.  She recently hit me up via the 'Book' and drew my attention towards a cause that I think is perhaps one of the most noble I've seen in a while.

Kayleigh Hendricks, the wonderful mind behind a wonderful cause.

On November 21 in Hollywood, California a walk will take place for everyone who has ever been an innocent victim of a hate crime(s), for everyone who has ever been discriminated against. People are encouraged to walk for anyone who has ever lived in fear because they were "different". People are encouraged to walk against intolerance so that perhaps those who are fearful and angry can be impacted in a positive way. 
The walk is a message to those who strike against beautiful, innocent human beings. Beings who deserve nothing more than to be swimming gracefully and confidently in the same pool all of us swim in. No one here in this world is different lest they choose to be and even then, "the sun rises in the morning on ALL of us." Everyone is encouraged to come together, create a buzz, and show Los Angeles and anyone who hears about or reads about the rally what those participating stand for and what everyone all deserve.
It's an awesome thing to do and I really applaud Kayleigh and her friends who have put so much effort into getting this up and off the ground. If I could have been there, I would have but geography as it does, often gets in the way. Still...

Check out their excellent FB page and if you can participate in the event, please do.



  1. She sounds like a fantastic lady supporting a fantastic cause! thank you for spotlighting her.

  2. Excellent cause, Dean! Kayleigh sounds like she's a remarkable person.