Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Moved Me Today.

'A Handed Down' Dream in Hambledown

Taken from the Borders Australia Website.


I honestly cannot remember the last time I read a book that had such a profound affect on me emotionally and spiritually as The Hambledown Dream has. Deans flawless approach to recounting the most tragic and joyous of circumstances saw me sobbing by the first chapter and again through the scores of deeply moving moments in this intriguing tale.

Deans story takes place across two continents and centers on two very different men; one who really has managed to achieve the elusive everything and knows it could shortly be lost. The other could have everything too, if he could only get out of his own way. What occurs when these two lives fuse becomes a satisfying tale of salvation, second chances and will lead you to question what impact inheriting from others what they no longer use could have on your life.

Were all familiar with the concept of hand-me-downs, clothing in particular. So what if the same could apply to souls? What remnants of the previous owner would be handed on? What would be the emotional equivalent of pulled threads, a stubborn stain or torn pockets? Dean explores the concept that we could somehow inherit beliefs, perception and even a yearning love for someone completely unknown if opportunity met with a miracle.

Deans transitions between different times, people and places are seamless, but not one bit of the emotion or intensity of the novel is compromised as a result of the cross over style of writing. I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel. Dean Mayes is a consummate storyteller who I hope has many more tales up his sleeve.

Maybe it's all worth it after all...


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