Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Editing the Dream - Part Five

I'm real excited right now...and not just because it's 3:30am down here. I just finished a month long second edit if the manuscript of my novel and I think I am pretty damned happy with it.

It has been head f***ery supreme. I didn't realize just how much I missed on the first go 'round. A slew of grammatical errors, repetition plus, plus and some weak plot points that I was struggling with. It's all pretty well tidied up now. I'm excited about the subtle changes I have made to the narrative and the dramatic nuances of the story line. The characters story arcs, I believe, are much more defined and certain plot devices - even the most subtle ones - have had a certain tweaking done to them which carry them through to a logical and lyrical conclusion.

A good friend of mine has put me in touch with a copy editor in Canada, who is between jobs right now, and she has offered to have a look at my manuscript and work out a pretty good deal so that I may get that one final tweak before I go to the publishing stage.

Once that is done then I will approach the eBook publisher with my finished manuscript and give it over to them for consideration.

In the mean time, my focus has turned back to the packaging of this baby of mine. A mission to create a cover that is at once beguiling and enchanting whilst being subtle but classy begins.

Regardless of what the final look will be I am imaging this...

A sprig of rosemary and mint tied together with a lavender ribbon that lies on a ancient timber fence post near the sea...

I think some photography is in order.

To be continued...

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