Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Walking With A "Dream"

I thought I would take time out and interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to update you all on the progress of my novella...well it's actually - officially - a novel now because, having read a few books on creative writing recently, I now have a manuscript whose word length (+40,000) now qualifies as a fully blown novel.

I know that the frequency of posts has slowed up considerably of late but - as I work towards the finale - I am finding it more and more difficult to write. Which is not to say that I am giving up - rather - it just means that I'm needing more time to put together the chapters. I have been suffering from awful writers block too which has been incredibly frustrating - especially when I have the basic structure in hand to complete the novel. It's just that putting the scenes together and trying to make them sound convincing has been a supreme head f***!

In order to keep the momentum up, I have gone back in the story and add a few scenes here and there based upon some brainstorming sessions I have done in order to circumvent the writer's block and for the most part that has worked well. The novel has developed quite differently from what you have been reading here - some characterizations have changed and I've enhanced some plot threads in order to give them more weight...I hope...

I guess what I will do in the coming weeks is keep you updated with my progress rather than have you show up to my blog in the hope of getting something new and instead seeing something...not...new (??).

I value your opinions on the work you have seen here and I actively encourage them. I want to be able to bring to you a final product that is as good as it can possibly be.

Thanks for following "Dreams Of A Love Indestructible" so far and rest assured that the "Dream" is nearly there...


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